Friday, June 03, 2005

Kool It!

Recently I found four more flavors of Kool Aid. I had to hit the market when we were moving my grandfather's things and discovered some "Lemon-Lime" and "Wild Watermelon Kiwi". (For some strange reason I now feel the compulsion to visit the drink mix aisle every time I go to a new grocery store.) Then during the visit to the in-laws in Maryland I came across "Watermelon Cherry". What a find. I had never even heard of this flavor before. Then I went to another grocery store I happened to be in the neighborhood of and found "Swirlin' Strawberry Starfruit". I will have to set up a yarn dyeing session real soon. I need to crochet up at least four more swatches for the "new" colors. Then I can add them to my little swatch page. I think I may have some connections for obtaining more flavors. I have been offered some "Slammin' Strawberry Kiwi". Then I have my best friend who is living in Mississippi on the look out for the "Agua Frescas" line of Kool Aid since I could only find the Mango around here. I think I have an obsession with colorful fruity drinks! Sigh. Has anyone tried Wylers or Flavor Aid, etc. to dye yarn with? I saw some of those mixes while I was in MD as well. Hmmm...


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