Thursday, May 26, 2005

Camera Hog

I wonder if I can finally come out of the closet about my camera stash? I did have quite a few of them at one time. I mean just because they don't make the film for your camera anymore doesn't mean that you have to get rid of it, right? For years I've hung on to my oldies never wanting to part with them. There was the old 110 camera that I used during childhood field trips. Then there was the memorable disc camera that was dropped into a pan of blue paint during a community service event (it still worked afterwards). And who could forget the old instamatic? I just couldn't part with the camera that hubby bought while stationed overseas. Or the one that I bought after discs went out of style. But as the pile of cameras grew, so did the dust. Hubby had us buy an Advantix camera and made us yard sale all the rest. Oh yes, it was very painful to part with my past. After all they had all been with me on various adventures. It was almost as if they were old friends. When I looked at them I could almost picture them sitting in a smoky bar, reminiscing about their travels with their bourbon warmed voices. Pausing to tag a long drag off of their film "cigars" and looking around the table at their comrades in arms, trying to think of a story to outdo the others. There was the time that I was with these sorority girls... Now I find that I have begun another camera collection. One which is compromised of digital cameras. I have three. One of which is somewhere lost in the chaos. It was an old cheapie Kodak one which took very poor pictures. The only reason we upgraded on that one is because the display totally went black on it and we couldn't ever tell if we "got the picture" or not until it was uploaded into the computer. I was much happier with my Canon S40. It takes good pictures. And we all know that the reasons behind scooting that out of the forefront (lost charger, couple of bad pixels). Now we have the newbie Elph added into the mix. Do you think they have a Digital Cameras Anonymous group out there? I hope that I am not that far gone yet!


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