Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Sorting More Memories

Renoir copyToday I was over at my Grandfather's apartment. We really have to get working on moving everything out of there. That is what part of today was about. Sorting through items and getting stuff moved out. That is something that is causing quite a lot of stress between the brothers. Yes, more arguing over things and hurt feelings, etc. And it is not the two who have been taking care of my grandfather that are doing the arguing. It is the other two brothers who are never around, and only want things of monetary value. But Grandpa has been well enough to call the shots and say who gets what. Which in itself has caused one brother and wife to become very upset when they had to return a family heirloom. Said wife is in such a snit that she has said she will no longer go and visit my grandfather. Bessie Pease - In DisgraceNow that is something that does not make much sense. I mean the items are his, and he is still around and how he wants to dispose of said items should be up to him. To be upset because you didn't get your way over something that wasn't even yours? Childish. And to throw such a tantrum that you refuse to see a man who means something to your husband (it is his father after all) who does not have long on this earth, is even more so. I mean, down the line do you really want that to be one of the things that you regretted? To give up a person over a thing? The stress of it all is really getting to my father. And it is ticking me off to see him and my youngest uncle having to put up with the BS. It is hard for them to have to deal with this one a daily basis. They can not get a break from it which they both need very badly. I can only hope that once the apartment is cleaned out and turned back over to the management company that the stress level will go way down. Please let it be so.


Anonymous Sue said...

So sorry to hear some people are making this bad. It is a hard enough time. We had to padlock my grandmother's house for the same reason. It is sad that family members act this way.

5/25/2005 1:04 PM  

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