Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Snowy Dismissal

It is snowing today. Yesterday it was in the 60's and today it is 22 degrees out with snow! (With the wind chill it feels like it is 8 degrees outside.) Oh what a tease Mother Nature is. So cruel to give us a taste of spring one day and yank it away the next. At least one person is going to be pleased that it's snowing. My oldest DD is getting out of class an hour early. Now doubt fidgeting in her seat with barely contained joy. I can just hear her when she comes in the door, "Mom, can I go play outside?" What do you expect from a child born in Alaska?


Anonymous Sheila said...

The real crime is it being nearly 60 degrees out and staying inside! I could kick myself! We just missed the snow that you and the east coast got. It all went south of here before heading your way. I'm with you though. I WANT SPRING AND I WANT IT NOW!!!!! At least we are getting a taste of what is to come now and the 60 degrees is promising! Hope she made it home safely! Sheila

3/08/2005 5:23 PM  

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