Saturday, March 05, 2005

Reverse Posting

I have been so busy crocheting and trying to get my book reviews done this week that I have been neglecting my posts. I am such a naughty girl! There are many posts waiting in the wings in their "draft" form. They are anxiously awaiting their pictures to be uploaded and their final touches added. I hope to be able to get them up within the next two days. So if you check back on Monday be sure to skim on down and check out what you might not have seen before. On a side note... For those who read the Sookie Stackhouse stories I just finished "Dead as a Doornail". Woowee you will not be disappointed by this newest addition. I am off to read Katie MacAlister's next dragon book "Fire Me Up". Gotta love being able to review these books before they are released for public consumption. UPDATE: The New Posts are... Getting My Curves Back - The Learning Curve - Yellow Peril


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