Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Another Snowy Day!

My oldest is getting spoiled by all these days off! Tonight she asked if she had to go to school tomorrow. I told her that the roads were clear, so she'd be having school tomorrow. She complained saying that she wanted it to snow again so that she only had to go to school on Thursday and Friday. Lol. I told you she is getting spoiled! As for school being called off yesterday, it turned out that I was right. They should have had a half day of school with an early dismissal. It didn't show any sign of snow until almost noon. And then it was teeny tiny little flakes that were very sporadic. The real snow didn't start until 2:30. If it had been a half day all the kids would have been home from school at that time. I just hope that this does not count against them and if there is another big storm (it has been known to happen in March) that they won't go over their snow day allowance. As a child I hated when that happened. That means they add on days to the end of the school year, a big bummer. It's been no problem having my oldest at home. My youngest DD is thrilled when that happens because then she gets to play all day with her "sissy". We've all just been hanging out and vegging. Ah snow days!


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Just got to know that I am your secret pal in the Spring Blossoms Yarn Swap. Will go shopping for yarn tomorrow.

Enjoy the snow while you can !!

3/03/2005 1:22 AM  

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