Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Red, White & Blue

How did you all celebrate your Independence Day? The beginning of July seems a busy month for lots of countries to celebrate holidays. Canada, the US and France are among the ones that seem to favor this month for national holidays. This past weekend we stayed mostly at home. On Saturday Night (or rather 1am on Sunday Morning) I found out that my husband had invited a bunch of his co-workers over to our home on the 4th for an impromptu BBQ. Short notice indeed. Yikes! With very little time to prepare I found myself run ragged. You see I had already promised our girls that we were going swimming on Sunday and then to dinner at my parent's home. So that ate up all the free time on that day (as the dinner visit lasts past 10pm or so). That only left me with Monday to cook and clean. Early Monday we went to the store for supplies. (Thank goodness that there are now stores open on the 4th. When I was growing up the only thing open was the gas station.) I had to go to a second store with the girls since the first store did not have the special mustard I needed for the potato salad recipe. While we went to the second store hubby went to go and pick up one of the invitees. I got home a scant 5 minutes before hubby returned. Then I spent the next 4 hours in the kitchen cooking food for the event. What did I make? Potato Salad, Macaroni Salad, Cucumber Salad, Corn on the Cob, BBQ Sauce (from scratch) and Rub for the ribs, Vegetable Dip, a Veggie Tray and a Fruit Tray. By the time that I was done that I was exhausted. I went outside and took a ten minute break to cool down a bit. Then it was back at it. I cleaned and vacuumed and washed floors. When that was done it was time to hit the showers before more people arrived. When I was getting ready for my shower I was hit with intense stomach cramps and nausea. They were so bad that it hurt to move. This lasted for about 30 minutes. I pushed myself to get dressed and go downstairs to drink water at least, even if I could not eat the food I made. Once I did drink more water I felt better and was able to eat and enjoy myself. I have since learned that it was some form of heat exhaustion/dehydration that hit me. I guess you shouldn't spend all day in a hot kitchen without eating or drinking. Funny how I got stuck with all the prep work for the party and hubby (who wanted the party and invited everyone) got to sit back and relax! After feeling better the night turned out nice. Lots of chatting and enjoying each other's company. And of course fireworks! It's just not the 4th without those bright sparks of light and loud booms.


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