Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Versatile Scarves - Plain Jane Progress

Since Sunday I have finished the knitting part of the basic garter stitch scarf from "Versatile Scarves".
In the first picture you can see how you bind off the center stitches. When you hold it up (see second photo) you can see how your work gapes. Then you only work with the stitches nearest to the point of the needle while the others sit patiently and wait their turn.
Here you can see the first "tie" worked. As you decrease stitches it forms a gentle outward swoop. It makes for a more comfortable fit around the neck. The last picture is of the finished scarf with the ends folded down. (Please ignore the yarn ends.) Even though it is plain, it is still quite feminine. The knitting part is all done but... I still have to weave in the ends. (Any tips on how to do this so the yarn won't show?) And I also need to block it. I am going to wait to block it with the other scarf I am working on. Oh yes, I have already started round 2.


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