Friday, April 01, 2005

Chop Chop

Recently my best friend had a hair disaster. You see she is one of those people with really long hair. You know the kind that you can sit on. She wanted to get her hair cut and was sent on having 10 inches* taken off. Why that specific amount? Because that is the minimum length that Locks of Love accepts. She is not one to get her hair cut (or even trimmed) often, so she has not had her hair done since she moved down south back in February of 2004. Since she currently lives in a relatively small town she picked a chain salon to visit, figuring it to be better established. (I won't mention names, but it is the type that is in a big department store.) She goes in and explains what she wants done with her hair. That she wants it to be cut at the very minimum five inches below her shoulder line. (It would give her plenty for the LOL program.) The hairdresser pulls back her hair and makes a cut, exactly at her shoulders! She is now the not so proud sporter of a shoulder length hair style. She spent the whole day crying after the fiasco. It is quite a traumatic event for her since she has not had her hair that short since before she was in Kindergarten. To go from but length to shoulder length is a big change for her. One she is not taking to well at all. She keeps her hair up in a ponytail (apparently it barely fits into one) and refuses to show anyone at work what her hair looks like. Upon seeing her they knew she was upset and asked who her hairdresser was. When she told them the name, they replied "Oh yeah, she's a chopper." Small towns being what they are, why in the world didn't they warn her ahead of time? Hearing her tell the story and seeing the pictures her fiance sent me in an email I started crying. And it wasn't even my own hair! I could not let her go into the land of shoulder length hair alone. In sympathy for my best friends plight, I chopped mine too. (Please note it is tough to take a picture of the back of your own head, thus the weird camera angles.) And in case you were wondering, since this is being posted on April 1st. Nope, it's not an April Fools joke. Although my best friend heartily wishes it was. *She has done this in the past, about once every 3 years.


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