Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Kitty Pusher

Okay, so I don't push cats. But I do supply mine with his fix. His catnip fix that is. I am such a bad influence, encouraging his habit this way. I am, gasp, an enabler! But ya gots to luv da catnip! Can you feel the love? I am getting purrs now like you wouldn't believe. Ka-ching! Oh yeah. I feel it! I feel the love! Gimme some paw. RAOW!
When I brought that wonton home the cat just went bonkers over it. He was rolling around, tossing it up into the air and lickin' the dickens out of it. The dog must have been thinking the cat was going into convulsions. He had the strangest look on his face. This is when he went in for a closer look at the object causing all the commotion. Somehow I don't think he's impressed. Although I can tell by that evil little glint in his eye that he'd love to chew it to bits. Send it to the kitty toy graveyard with all those fuzzy mice. Take my kitty play time away from me will ya?
He likes it! I think he likes it! No doubt about it. This is the last that I saw of the wonton. I have no idea of it's current whereabouts. Perhaps he has stashed it in his secret kitty lair. One can only hope that it is not in the ceiling of the basement.*
*The previous owners of our home had the bright idea to clad the basement ceiling with paneling. There is apparently enough space up there for the cat to crawl into and walk under the heating vents. When he does this you can hear the "pop" of the metal heating ducts as it depresses.


Blogger ~drew emborsky~ said...

Kitty looks veeery happy! Just enough of the catnip gets through the stitches to drive the cat bonkers! Woo hooo! LOL Nice blog, I'm enjoying looking around.

3/31/2005 2:56 PM  
Blogger Bron said...

OK - that does it. I *have* to make a couple for Arnold. I'd forgotten about that pattern - thanks for blogging about it!

3/31/2005 8:38 PM  
Blogger Sara said...

love it!! Whenever our cat's get the nip our house looks like a den of iniquity. I'll have to make these for my cats and my sister's.

4/01/2005 1:16 AM  

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