Thursday, March 31, 2005

Very Convention-al

Can you guess where I am going this weekend? That's right! I am going to the TKGA National, CGOA Regional and Fiber Arts Market events at the Valley Forge Convention center. I think I am going to go into fiber overload. (Is such a thing possible?) I am getting to go two days. That is an absolutely huge thing as I rarely go anywhere to do something without the kids. And as a huge bonus I am getting to take a class on Sunday. A SIX hour class! Woohoo! Since it was all very last minute I had to go down to the convention center and register in person. At the same time I signed up to join the TKGA. You get a magazine subscription and other perks, plus it took $20 off the cost of classes. Although the membership is $27. Lol. But there are one or two places that are sort of local who will give you a 10% discount if you are a member of a knitting guild. Who knows what other benefits may come from the membership. I also got a lunch ticket (I feel like I am back in school again!) and free admission passes to the Fiber Arts Market. When I went to sign up I took my youngest daughter with me. Thank goodness for strollers. You see I had been to the convention center before. Once to attend a computer show and another time to visit Lily Langtry's and stay at the hotel. So I was sort of familiar with it. But dummy me, I parked in front of the hotel and had to walk all the way around to the second hotel side and down the hill to get into the convention center. It was quite a hike, and I am glad that she didn't have to walk. While I was registering an announcement came on in the conference center about the power being on a generator and that when the time came to switch back to the main power there might be a moment of darkness. I had just finished signing up for everything when the power went out. Then everyone was asked to leave the building. Now I had gotten down to the main floor of the convention center by using an elevator. No power = no elevator. So I thought that I was going to have to take my daughter out of the stroller, fold it up and carry the diaper bag,and stroller while holding her hand and walking up the two flights of stairs. I started to tell her that she was going to have to get out of the stroller so that Mommy could carry it up the stairs when a nice exhibitor from the market showed me that there was a loading dock with a ramp that I could use instead. The loading dock turned out to be a long and dark tunnel with a steep ramp heading up to the parking lot. It made me wonder how the trucks get down there without getting into accidents all the time. (Yes, I know, very carefully.) I pushed the stroller up the ramp (ah the light, it's bright!)and continues the long trek to the car. When I went to take my daughter out of the stroller I noticed that she no longer had her two stuffed animals that she had brought with her. Oh no! That meant going back into the Convention Center. The long, long walk... Nope, not this time. I piled her and the stroller into the car and drove down to the lower parking lot. From there we walked back down the ramp and into the now brightly lit convention hall. There on the floor were her animals, safe and sound. We grabbed them up and then traversed the stairs (didn't want to get caught in the elevator in case the power blinked, and wanted to avoid the steep ramp) and headed on back to the car. Quite an adventure! And there is just more to come at the show! Don't worry, I'll take pictures for ya. It's almost like being there yourself.


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