Thursday, March 31, 2005

Double Decker Blossoms

Talk about a good mail day! I received two Spring Blossoms Swap packages in the mail. Lots of stashy goodness. Yuuum! In the mail this morning I was doing the clunky* dance. I received a box from Woven 'n Spun aka Kimberly. She sent me a nice stash enhancement along with a thermal US Army mug (have to hide it from hubby, he's former USAF) and handmade stitch markers. The one stitch markers even has part of my name on it! Nobody go swiping it now! It's mine, all mine! I received 3 skeins of Bernat Soft Boucle yarn. I can so picture making a matching hat and scarf out of this. My oldest will definitely be jealous as her favorite color is blue! Then there were also 2 skeins of Red Heart Fiesta and a skein of Lion Brand Jiffy. I have no idea what those lovely yarns will be made up into. I bet Kimberly didn't even know she sent a kitty gift as well. Yep, my old alley cat climbed right up and claimed the empty box as his. I am beginning to think he has a box fetish. He must love the sudden influx of "new models" that he has been getting to "test drive". I wonder what model comes out in April? Perhaps a luxury double decker? Lol. Do you think he may be trying to tell me something? Perhaps he is in need of a Kitty Pi? Now if I only knew how to knit in the round. Poor kitty, no pi for you! My second package was sent via express mail. It went all the way from India to JFK to Philadelphia to my house. Hubby got to answer the door as the post office made a special delivery later on in the afternoon (while I was out**). The package was from MidnightCrocheter aka Yamini. In it were some big hanks of very silky fibers in mauve, white and green. The yarn states that it is made out of 72% Poly Mide and 27% Acrylic. There was also a little package of craft mirrors and ribbon roses (great for embellishing purses) and a booklet on different crocheted lace patterns. Oh the edging possibilities! According to the letter there was to be a handmade notepad, but it must have snuck out of the box. You see the box had been in a big plastic bag because it had torn open during transit. Speaking of the box, when my daughter saw it she wanted to open it and play with the "doggie". You see it was a recycled toy box with "Digger the Dog" shown on the outside. I don't thing my youngest was disappointed, as she has such fun playing (ie. tangling) with Mommy's yarns. Lol. Thank you both so very much for all the lovely goodies. They have already found their home amongst their newly adopted brothers and sisters in the stash family. Thank you for a whole big bunch of swappy yarny goodness and your thoughtfulness! *A "clunky" is a tern to describe a swap/present that arrives in a box. A "puffy" is a swap/present that arrives in a padded envelope. **I'll write more about what I was doing in another entry. It's a surprise. Shhh...


Blogger Sara said...

My cat is a box lover, too. (My profile pic). He can barely contain himself when a box comes into the house.

4/02/2005 11:55 AM  

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