Thursday, March 24, 2005

I've Been Blossomed!

Not only do I get to mail out packages for the swap today, but I also received one in return! Woohoo! If only I knew who to thank for my wonderful bounty of new playthings. You see, there was no name on the box or in the box. Just a hand written street address on the outside of the package. One somewhere in (bleep)*, South Dakota. A secret swapper. Where's Sherlock Holmes when you need him? Watson! Watson!
Check out the colors! Oh the colors! All the colors! I seem to be color obsessed lately for some reason. There are some purple shades from Herrschner's, youngest DD has already claimed them as hers. A skein of TLC Amore in Rose, nice and cuddly. Some Red Heart in green, purple and a green/purple variegated, very mixy-matchy. It's going to be challenging to come up with projects to use these yarns in. Perhaps purses?
Ahhh! Mystery yarn! Mystery yarn! How I love thee! Okay, it's not completely mysterious. The one yarn is written in English so I can pretty much tell what it is. But it is a yarn that I have never come across before. (I love meeting new yarns. Hi! How are ya?) The white fluffy one has speckles of pastel shades in it that are tough to see in the photo. Then there is the very mysterious yarn wrapped up in a foreign language. Kind of like Garbo. It may be saying something with those luscious fibers, but I'm just not getting a clear signal. Crochet, knit, loom? What do you want me to do yarn o' mine? What I have been able to make out on the label is that it was made in Istanbul/Turkey and is 50% acrylic. And this because Istanbul/Turkey is spelled on the wrapper as Istanbul/Türkiye and acrylic is spelled as akrilik. I'm a genius, aren't I? (Uh-hu.) Does anyone know what language this is? I'll have to find an online translator to find out what 50% Yün is. Is it bigger than a VW bug? Will it fit into my beach bag? Well, for my secret sender, there is something I need to say... Thank you! (SQUEAL) Thank you! (SQUEAL) Thank you! *Town/City has been bleeped to protect the location of the generous yarn sender, who shall remain blissfully innocent until proven guilty. Guilty of what? Stash contribution. A serious offense that is punishable buy profuse thanking and much squealing of joy, and could carry a life sentence of friendship. Let that be a lesson to you folks. Friends let friends send yarn.


Anonymous Sheila said...

Ooooo! No wonder your daughter claimed the ones for her own! I LOVE those colors!!! I also like the ones in the last photo. Sorry - can't help with translation but they look positively "touchable"! Congrats to you for being worthy of such a contribution and a hug to your mystery contributor for being so nice!

3/25/2005 12:35 AM  
Blogger Wendy said...

Wool. I believe the word yun means wool.

3/25/2005 2:05 AM  
Blogger Wendy said...

Oh, and the language is Turkish. I like the colors in that yarn. Very Spring!

3/25/2005 2:06 AM  

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