Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Knock on the Noggin

A loud crash tonight had me sprinting up the stairs in terror. You see my oldest DD was getting a shower and it sounded as though one of the glass doors had fallen. I was afraid that one of them had fallen on her or had broken and somehow injured her. With my heart racing a mile a minute I dashed into the bathroom to see her wrapped in a towel and holding her head and moaning in pain. I gathered her into my arms and glanced over her head at the shower doors. They were still there, so nothing had crashed in on her. It turns out that she had crashed into the wall. Or more accurately into the metal door track on the side of the shower wall. Ouch! Yep, she inherited her mother's clumsiness, dern genes! I checked her for signs of trauma and found a small lump up near her hairline. No blood, thank goodness. Then I made sure that she did not have a concussion. No dilated pupils, black outs or loss of motor skills, check. She settled on my bed while I went on the search for pain medication and made an ice pack. I located the "stay dry" ice pack* the hospital had given us for youngest DD and filled it with ice. Grabbed the Junior Motrin and went to go and tend the patient. After she was suitably dosed she crawled under the covers and made to sleep in "Mommy's Bed". Then youngest DD crawled into bed along with her. And then the dog. It seems that Mommy is going to have a lot of cuddle company tonight. Time to get in those jammies and stake out my portion of the bed! 10 March 2005 UPDATE: Oldest DD woke up this morning and is doing fine. 2nd UPDATE: I rechecked her head after she came home from school and there is no more swelling and not a bruise in sight! Guess that ice pack worked really, really well this time! *Man we love that thing! I think all of us have used it at one time or another and it does what it says. It keeps the ice in and you stay nice and dry, no leaks! Shame we can't find them in the stores. I'll have to check the pharmacy by the hospital the next time I am over there since they carry a lot more medical supplies than a general pharmacy does.


Blogger Wendy said...

Yikes! I react the same way you do. Look at the pupils and make sure they are the same size, looking for blood/fluids from ears or nose, quick neurological exam of squeeze both hands, press with feet, etc and feeling around for bumps.

Glad she is okay.

3/12/2005 12:24 AM  

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