Thursday, March 10, 2005

Fur Babes in Snowland

Whenever there is snow, we must take pictures of the kiddos enjoying the winter wonder. This includes our darling fur babies as well! Here is a picture of our "shrimp". He is a Sheltie, and a very small one at that. Most people ask if he is a miniature (is there such a thing?). He weighs in at a whopping 13 pounds. We got him when he was 6 months old. Poor little guy lived almost all those months in a cage. He is a bit skittish even now when he hears sounds that are unfamiliar. I remember the first time he heard a train crossing on the television. He started growling like there was no tomorrow. Then he quickly ran to me for protection. He's a big sweetie and loves everyone. A house is not a house without cat hair. Err... I mean a cat. This is our big boy. And funnily enough he weighs the same amount as our puppers. (The vet was quite surprised when he weighed them both!) He was part of the free kitty program. Hubby and oldest DD picked him up the one day when they saw a "Free Kittens" sign. Hubby brought him home and they both swore up and down that he was a she. (Up to that point we had only had female cats as a married couple.*) I kept looking at the cat and saying "Are you sure? He looks like a boy." Turns out that I was right! Trust a woman to know gender better than a man. We've had our kitty for over 5 years now and he is a lover. I have no idea what breed he is. Just a run of the mill, ever-so-lovable, kitty cat! *Growing up we had tons of male cats and only one female cat. Hubby did not have any cats for pets while growing up. So... I converted him to cat-and-dog-ism! Lol.


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