Thursday, March 10, 2005

First of Many

Today I ordered my first official knitting pattern. Woohoo! I am sure it will be first in a line of many patterns to come. I was browsing the web and came across the site One of Susanna's. It is a blog by Susanna Hansson who teaches knitting in Washington state. On the blog she discusses her knitting adventures and the classes that she teaches. Oh if only I was close enough to take one! Since I can not take one of her classes I did the next best thing... I ordered her Two-Thirds Sachet pattern. Now I could not order the pattern from her site, but she gives a listing of the stores that carry her patterns. So I looked at the list and selected the only store in PA and clicked on their website. Sure enough, they had the pattern listed for $5.00 and then a shipping and handling charge of $4.50. That seemed an excessive amount for shipping. I clicked around some more and came across the Acorn Street Shop. They had the same pattern listed for $4.95, but did not have the shipping and handling listed on their site. They didn't open shop until 10 am Pacific time, so I had to wait three hours before I could call them. When I did they were most helpful on the phone and told me that their shipping cost for one pattern was $2.00. So I snapped it up right away! It seems funny that a place in the same state as me and a mere 95 miles away* wanted $4.50 for shipping. But a place that is 2,806 miles away is only charging me $2.00. Hmm... More Mileage = Less Postage? *When compared to another place on the opposite coast it is quite "mere".


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