Thursday, February 17, 2005

The Cable Man Cometh

Well, our cable box and TV have been disagreeing for a while. The cable would say something nasty to the TV about "You're Mama was a toaster!" The TV not to be out done threw out "Well you're Mama is so out of touch with technology she thinks a Beta Test is what they give fish in school!" Insults kept being flung back and forth. I heard some snide remarks about "cable size" and "output". And then they really started to get into it, and punches were thrown. These fights always ended the same way, one would be knocked out cold. How do I know? Because all I could see on the TV was snow! The only way to fix it would be to help reboot one or the other up and a short peace would ensue while they gathered their strength to start the ruckus all over again. We got tired of this happening all the time and called the cable company. I mean the box was theirs surely they could talk some sense into him. You know "play nice" and all that jazz. So they said that they would send over one of their counselors, er... I mean technicians between 7am and 9am. (When did they start making such early house calls?) Turns out this cable box is so bad they had to take him away! It was sad to see him stripped of his cable and (gasp) unplugged. Poor little guy. I don't think he has any hope of rehabilitation. The tech didn't want our TV to get lonely now that his sparring partner would be off to the "big house". So they gave him a new roomie. So far the two of them are getting along splendidly. Now let's hope that there will be no reason to infer that anyone's Mama was a toaster and we'll all be one big happy family.


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