Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Happy Fastnacht Day!

Today is Fastnacht Day or "Fast Night" Day. Shrove Tuesday. The day we Pennsylvanians dedicate to the consumption of fastnachts or donuts. I say donuts, because there are a lot of places who don't make the authentic fastnachts, and ya gotta make do with a donut. What a shame! wink I am unhappily abstaining from the donut binge. This dern pact with hubby to go on his diet with him (one month and counting). I have the urge to drive over to the local bakery and press my nose against their window. At least with the glass partitioning me off I won't get drool all over the baked goods! Now if you are not from around this area you are probably wondering what in the heck Fastnacht Day is. Well here is a site that tells you a little bit more about it. It also has a recipe, so you can whip up some of your own. Yum! Eat them in good health and think of poor little me... Awash in drool.


Anonymous Sheila said...

Hi, its me again, sorry! Thank you for mentioning Fastnacht Day. We were discussing "Fat Tuesday"/Mardi Gras on a message board on AOL. Its nice to know the German version of the day. Plus, although I am not Mennonite, my father's family line traces back to 1690 in the Norristown, PA area. I'm an amateur genealogist and like to know more about the customs of our ancestors so that I can pass them down to my niece. Thank you again!

2/16/2005 11:34 AM  

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