Thursday, February 10, 2005

What a Smile!

This past week both my girls went for their annual dental exams. For my youngest DD it was her first exam ever! She is only 2 1/2 and the dental assistant said she did really well. She let her check all her teeth and clean all her bottoms and part of the top. The assistant said that usually the kids hardly even let them count how many teeth they have. I think watching her older sister go through the process first helped. She was anxious then for her turn to begin. Who knew that going to the dentist would be so popular? Lol. Both of their check ups went well. All the teeth are in good health, etc. The only downside is that my oldest DD is going to need braces. Ugh! I am one of those kids who should have had braces, but never got them. So she must be taking after me in the big teeth, small mouth area. Although you would never guess she has a small mouth. She is a big talker! Here is proof though that she can be quiet, at least for a minute while she has her fluoride treatment. It's tough to smile with those things in your mouth, but she managed to do it.


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