Monday, February 07, 2005

Granny is So Square

This was one of those UFOs* lurking in my bedroom. It is an afghan that I made for my oldest DD. She had picked out the multi-colored yarn ages ago. I had started to crochet a regular double crochet panel and got about halfway through. Then I decided that I did not like it, so I tore it apart.
My best friend and I spent one night unraveling the blanket and rolling the yarn back into balls. It took quite a while, but we had plenty of time to chat while we were doing it. Real "quality time". I think she may have developed carpal tunnel syndrome from all that yarn winding. But we had fun didn't we? Nudge, nudge, wink, wink. The yarn spent quiet a while just sitting in my closet. Then one day I thought it would be great fun to make granny squares for it. So I made up 3 different squares, then charted a graph for a layout. I calculated how many squares I would need, then I went to town.
I still have the chart laying around in my patterns. Funny how proud I am of that thing. I think it was the first chart I made using the computer. I am such a geek! I picked the color black to set off the very bright multi yarn. I figured it would make a nice neutral background and would allow the brights to blind. Err... I mean shine. Now I remember why I never finished the afghan that was totally variegated. It was blindingly bright!
Something so bright that if you placed it on someone while they were sleeping it would wake them right up. Hmmm... That gives me an idea. Hey! Nobody try and patent the blindingly bright it'll wake you right up blankie. I've got the market cornered on that one! *Patent Pending*Patent Pending*Patent Pending* A neutral square slipped in every here and there helped to tone down the shock value of the multi yarn. Thank goodness! As much as I like the thought of the "wake someone up" afghan, I really didn't want to encourage my child to develop insomnia. "It's the blankie Doc, I can't sleep."
I also used black yarn to crochet the squares together. I did so using a single crochet on the front side of the afghan. It makes for a raised grid effect which adds another dimension and emphasizes the whole "square" thing. Of course you have to have a block that showcases the multi yarn as well. After all, that's what it's there for. To be seen! Notice it is only a small square surrounded by a black edging. The reason for it is two fold. A lot of a... ummm... "bright" thing is not necessarily a good thing. (No matter what Martha says!) Plus it makes it easier to hide yarn ends when joining motifs together. And as we all know from hideous past mistakes is very important.
Another of my famous close-ups. This one shows off the edging. At first I started off with just a plain black border. Then I decided it needed more oomph. That's when the variegated made it's way twice around the afghan. Then to set it all off, another row of black.
The only reason this blanket was languishing in my UFO pile was the ends. That's right I flaked out at the last minute because there was a ton of ends to be sewn in. Last night I decided that enough was enough, and drug it out to be finished. One thing is for sure, if I ever make another blanket (or any project) that required squares to be assembled I will make sure to weave in the ends as I go. *UFO = UnFinished Object


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