Friday, February 11, 2005

Another One Bites the Dust

Well, would ya look at that! Another box arrived today. And yes, it met the same sad fate as yesterdays. I tell ya boxes are just dropping like flies around here! Now what did this one have in it? Rings. Lovely, gorgeous, rings. A veritable treasure trove of plastic rings. Yep, you heard me right plastic. What in the world do you use plastic rings for? Purse handles! IF you saw the latest issue of Crochet Me (an online magazine)you will see right on the front page a purse that uses these rings as handles. When I saw the purse I immediately thought of the purse handles I saw at Wal-Mart. Unfortunately when I went there, they were sold out. So I got to thinking, what about the rings that were shown in the picture? So I did an online search. But ever place that I found those rings they wanted about $6.00 a pair when they labeled them "purse handles". Then I did an eBay search and found some on there. But the shipping was outrageous! I mean you would order a reasonably priced pair, then they wanted four dollars or more for shipping. Some of which I can justify, but I wasn't going to pay that much for 2 plastic rings to be shipped. If you wanted more than one set you could "combine" shipping and pay $1.50 for each additional set to be shipped. I wanted at least 5 pairs. That would be over $8.00 in shipping. And you know it doesn't cost that much even for priority mail! On I went with my search and I found two reasonable online sources. One offered the rings in a variety of colors, but you had to call to place your order. The other offered only clear or white and you could order online. Since it was late at night and the call to order place was closed I ordered online and got a total of 9 pairs of rings and only paid $6 for shipping. I ordered late Wednesday night and the package arrived today! The prices for the rings at both places were about the same. I figure that if I like these and wanted to try some colored ones, then I'll give the other company a try. Their shipping is not listed online, but I emailed them with my zip code and they emailed me a range of shipping based on package weight. It was quite reasonable. I ordered regular round rings in 4", 5" and 6" sizes. I figure the 4" size would be perfect for a small child's purse. The 5" could be for an older child to a teen. Then the 6" for an adult purse. I also wanted to try the "D" or "Dee" shaped rings so I bought those in the 5" size. I figured the flat part would give me a good surface to crochet on for flat topped bags. Now I just have to figure out what I want to make with these. I think the Fleuri pattern will be my inspiration. Although I am more apt to not follow a pattern and just make it up as I go along. Perhaps I shall make my girls some purses for Easter. Now I can hear you just waiting on the edge of your seat there, anxious to hear about where I found these gems. Hmmm... Should I share them with you all? After all there may be a run on stock and next time I will be plum out of luck. Oh dang it, I can't keep anything from you all when you give me the puppy-eyed pouty look. Oh, all right... Here ya go! Kings Kountry Click on "rings" then on "plastic". These are the people that I ordered from with the fast shipping. Munro Crafts Look under "Marbella", it's the name of the manufacturer. Now once you get those rings, get crafting! Don't forget to have a little show and tell and let me see your creations. :o)


Blogger Janet Richards said...

Saw your post on - thank you very much for the tip!! I will have to check out this site for handles for my poor granny bag. It just looks so lonely on the table. It needs to be carried! :) Thanks for sharing.

4/22/2005 8:16 AM  

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