Tuesday, February 08, 2005

MY Syndrome

Our youngest daughter has come down with the "MYs". You know... My dog. My spoon. My chair. Everything is officially hers, or so she claims. I am seriously considering taking her to small claims court. I mean, if everything is hers then she should be paying the bills, right? Lol. Now since everything is supposedly hers, she insists on screaming bloody murder if you take whatever she has claimed (dangerous or benign) away from her. It seems that we shall have to work on the concept of "sharing" again. Hopefully this is a phase that she will grow out of soon. One that her sister (who is now hiding her most prized possessions lest they go to the horde monster) will be doubly glad that she has grown out of, once we are rid of the "MYs".


Anonymous Sheila said...

Hi! Just found your journal over on "Crochet Blogs". I'm not yet a member since AOL limits us on HTML code and I'm not sure I can add their button. Anyhow, LOVE the journal and about your daughter and the "MY" syndrome....if she pays the bills, she'll be asking for an increase on MY allowance! Ha! Keep up the great work!

2/16/2005 11:29 AM  

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