Monday, January 31, 2005


Today I had a conference at school with my oldest DD's teachers. She is in a partial Learning Support program. Today I had some good news as she is being dismissed from two of her programs for meeting the goals. (Dismiss is a strange term to use, shouldn't it be more like graduating?) She is also being gently re-introduced into the full class structure. She is going to be in Learning Support still, but not for so many hours during the day. She will be on grade (in other words doing the same work as the rest of her grade) for her Reading and English subjects. The only thing that she will be off grade level on is her Math. And goodness knows she hates Math! They did her testing, and as with the previous tests a lot of the Reading and English things she tests off the charts. It's just her focusing and being able to work independently that prove to be her downfall. That is a lot of what they will be working to improve at school. Since they teach the "everyday" learning where they skip from thing to thing instead of the old-fashioned way of learning something completely then building upon that it proves harder for her to keep her focus. I am very proud that she has made such great strides in her schooling. I can only hope that she will continue to make progress and eventually be able to keep her focus and complete her work with minimal (if any) assistance. Way to go Kiddo!


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