Sunday, January 23, 2005

Poncho Madness

I am embarking on making at least two ponchos. My oldest daughter wants one, and you know how it is with kids... If one gets something the others are bound to want one too! With that in mind I am making one for each daughter. I am starting on the 2 year olds first as it is smaller and I can figure out the process before making the larger one. I am trying to be good and not buy more yarn (it's a terrible addiction), so I am digging into my stash. I came up with some odds and ends of Lion Brand Homespun yarn. I found several full skeins, but all different colors, and balls of various sizes left over from some afghans I made. I found some green kind of aqua-ish yarn to make the smaller poncho out of. I figure on making the bigger poncho more random out of the leftover balls of yarn in more earthy and muted colors with a rich blue mixed in. I have finished one rectangle of the small poncho. My first ever round loom knitted flat piece. Hooray! Now I need to make the other rectangle and then sew them together. Depending on how it looks, I may or may not add crocheted trim to it. We shall see. I'll post the pics when it's done.


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