Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Multi Start

I have started on the second poncho, much to my oldest DD's delight. It is also made out of Homspun Yarn. This time I am using leftovers from the afghans that I have made for my Mother (2 for her) and my Brother. Most of it is either earthy, neutral or dark. So it should go well with DD's current wardrobe as those are the colors she favors. But it wouldn't matter much anyways, as long as it has blue in it (her favorite color) she's happy!
I hope to be able to finish it before Friday night. She wants to wear it to a school function. But we'll only be going if the weather holds. Around here we have been having snow every day. Even if we don't get to go, hopefully her poncho will be done and she can enjoy that at least.


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