Sunday, January 23, 2005

Dug Out

The storm brought us a total of 14" of snow. Everywhere you look it's blindingly bright white. Pretty to look at, but dern cold to be out in! We just finished digging ourselves out. Both hubby & I shoveled some yesterday while the storm was going on, but we still had plenty left to remove today. Hubby shoveled the sidewalks and the drive. I did a teeny-tiny bit of the drive.
My big task was getting all the snow off the vehicles. Having a truck and an SUV, I got "dusted" more than a few times as I tried to get the snow off of their roofs. Now I know why hubby assigned me the task... He didn't want to look like a snowman! The kids had fun playing out in the snow. Our youngest (age 2) was really into it this year. She keeps telling me "Play snow fun!" So you know she had a good time. Last year when we even

tried to put her down in the snow (with her snow regalia on full body suit, etc.) she screamed bloody murder. Now she can't get enough of it. Our oldest played in the snow with her sister for a while. Then she tried to go sledding with her friend. The snow really isn't compacting enough to make for good sledding yet, so they gave up. They then went over to the friends house and played inside while we were still shoveling. After the shoveling was over it was time for the kiddos to go sledding with Dad. They enjoyed it, but being so very cold outside (winds up to 40 mph) it didn't last very long. Got great pics though! Now that the hard work is done we get to stay inside and enjoy the warmth! Time to sit back, relax and get ready for some football. Bring on the playoffs!


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