Tuesday, January 18, 2005

The Bearer of Bad News

My husband came home this morning with bad news. It seems that a co-worker of his died in a crash this morning. It was a man who worked at a different terminal (out of Cinnaminson), but still someone he knew. He told me that the man was a really nice guy. You could tell that he was shook up about the accident. It happened on the Turnpike up by Quakertown. Apparently there was a tractor trailer pulled off to the side of the road, but not totally off to the side and out of the right hand lane. His truck came and hit the back of the truck not totally off the road. A fire ensued and both drivers died.

The Turnpike was closed on the Northeast Extension for eight hours. They had to get Hazmat crews in there to clean up, as the FedEx truck was carrying some hazardous materials. The cars all behind the area of the crash were able to be turned around and led back to the nearest entrance to get off. But the trucks were stuck their for the duration. I can not imagine the thoughts going through their heads. Being there and seeing someone in the same profession as you die, knowing that the same thing could happen to you. It's tough to hear of anyone dying, but when it is someone you know, it's worse. For me hearing of the road accident it just adds to the plethera of worries that most truck driver spouses have. I do not want to be one of those people who find a policeman on the doorstep bearing bad news. My heart goes out to the family left behind. NBC 10 Story   ABC 6 Story   CBS 3 Story


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