Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Pleased as Punch

I finished the poncho for my youngest today. She's been loving on it ever since. In fact, she has it on right now. A little bit of comfort while she isn't feeling too good. This is what the poncho looked like after I sewed it together. It was cool all by itself, but since I didn't purl the end of my loom knitted rows, it curled a tad. So I decided to edge it with some single crochet. I found a small ball of a multi color of the same brand of yarn and did two rows of sc around the neckline and around the bottom. When I got to this point I thought that it looked cute, but it was still missing something. I needed something more to make the bands "pop". So I decided to use more of the aqua green and put on some more rows of sc. I did one more row at the top of the neckline and three rows at the bottom. This is the final product. I think that it turned out pretty cute for my first try. (Gotta love having kiddos for guinea pigs! Lol.) I think I may make a tie for it at the top. Or I may just leave it as it is, since it's for a 2 year old.

This is just a close up of all the rounds of single crochet at the bottom. I am obsessed with close-up shots, as you will no doubt see in the future.


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