Sunday, January 30, 2005

Sickiville Population 2 and Counting

Well, we didn't get to go to Family Night at school. My youngest DD's cold got even worse. It was one of those times when she just cried and cried. She wanted me to hold her and comfort her. But no matter what I did, it wasn't helping. Thankfully she did drop off to sleep finally. She is feeling better now, but the vestiges of the cold are still hanging on. Dinner tonight at my folk's house has been canceled as well. It seems as though they are calling for ice. Not exactly good to drive around in. Especially when you live in the very hilly part of Pennsylvania. I really do not want to compete in the Luge in an SUV, thank you. Although I can just see that being a part of a car commercial. There was another reason that dinner was called off. My Dad has a cold. It seems that my Mom and him just keep trading colds back and forth. One will get better, and the other will get sick. Actually, it sounds like the whole family! It seems as though we are all doing that. Since I am getting better and so is the little one, I am betting that my oldest DD or hubby will be the next to come down with something. Ahh... Family love... The sharing of germs.


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