Saturday, January 22, 2005

Big Flakes

The beginning of our snow storm started a few hours ago. It's a category 4 storm. Not a blizzard, but a ton of snow. And you know out here in the burbs, we get even more snow and colder weather than in the city. So far they are calling for 10-14 inches of the white stuff. It's going to start falling at a rate of 2 inches an hour. Reminds me of our days back in Alaska when that was a weekly occurrence, or so it seemed. I get the joy of being the snow shovel girl until hubby gets home. Right now he is stuck somewhere in Center City Philadelphia on his way back from a funeral. One of his co-workers was killed in a crash this week. I am just hoping that everyone who attended the funeral makes it home okay. One thing you don't need is for someone to get into an accident after attending a funeral for someone who died in one. So I shall be waiting on pins and needles until he is home safe and sound. Snow emergencies have been called for the entire area. That means no parking on the emergency road streets. All the downtown businesses will be ticked as that is the main parking for shoppers. Then again I don't know if many people will be out browsing in this weather. I know that I am quite content to spend the time at home. I may have to go outside and shovel every once in a while, but there is no way I am going out driving in this stuff unless it's an emergency. Funny, I hate to drive in the snow around here, but in Alaska it didn't phase me a bit. Right now the big worry in these parts is about the NFC Championship game. They have crews working around the clock (and sleeping at the stadium) keeping the Linc cleared out. Just one of the problems about not having a dome. The poor people in the nose bleed seats tomorrow are going to be freezing their butts off. Not only do they have to deal with the cold and snow, but winds up to 40 mph! I plan on watching the game from my nice warm couch, snuggled up in a blanket and cuddling a pillow, staring up at the TV and munching on hot wings. Woohoo!


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