Monday, January 31, 2005

Addicted to DVR

My husband is a gadget freak. Okay... Maybe not a freak, but he likes to get new toys and play with them. When he heard that the cable company was offering Digital Video Recording, he jumped at getting the service. He figured he could record a program that he wanted to watch and then take a look at it whenever he had the time. The trouble with that line of thinking is that he doesn't record anything. It's all me! I have become addicted to DVR. The worst part is that it's sanctioned by my husband. He has led me down the path of ruin and I have gladly skipped along behind him. My guilty little pleasure is those home improvement shows with a twist. Trading Spaces, Clean Sweep, etc. (Maybe I am a closet TLC addict as well!) I also enjoy the crafting shows, but those are few and far between. These shows drive hubby up the wall if he has to sit and watch them. So now, thanks to his diabolical DVR, I can now tape them and then watch them in peace and quiet (kiddos tucked in bed) and without the heavy "why are we watching this crud" sighs.


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