Thursday, August 18, 2005

Something Slithery This Way Slides

Here we have the famous traveling shot of my newest project. Nope, it's not a sock. Recognize the yarn? Yep. It's that Donegal Tweed that I purchased in Myrtle Beach. Recognize the site? You don't? Well, it's the newest attraction at Broadway at the Beach in MB, MagiQuest. (Pronounced maj-eye-quest.) Children and teens seem to love this place, while parents wait for hours on hard benches, that is when they can be found. But that's a tail, err.. tale for a different entry. Back to the main focus of this one. You can see what began life inside a magical world has grown quite a bit. What is this creature? A snake of course! And not just your ordinary run-of-the-mill snake, but a snake scarf. Yes, a rare breed indeed!
You see this is the display item that my girls, yes that's right girls, fell in love with at Knitting Up A Storm. The owner had made up the scarf pattern herself*. Then when I purchased the yarn to make the two scarves (both in snakey green colors) she threw in the bits of yarn to make the eyes (black) and tongue (red) as well as the instructions. Here I was ready to purchase the pattern and use up some stash yarn for the bits and bobbles and she just added them into the package for free! Gotta love freebies! At this time I am over the halfway mark of the scarf. I've already used up one of the balls of tweed yarn and started in on the second. If you have never worked with Donegal Tweed (and this is my first encounter) I have a word of advice to offer. This is a two twist yarn (meaning two strands are twisted together) and the twists themselves go from thick to thin. So it has happened on more than one occasion that I have found myself not catching both plys of yarn as I knit. Only to realize it later on and have to rip it out to the forgotten ply and then reknit it. Grrr. It can be quite frustrating. I am enjoying the knitting of the scarf even though it is in what most would deem "boring" stockinette. It's neat to see how the sides roll into each other giving it the snake shape and feel. Perhaps making it a little too "real". The shop owner who gave me the pattern said that she had made it up for each of her nephews, that they would play with it but not wear it. They were afraid of the snake choking them. As the current scarf I am working on is for my youngest she keeps petting it, etc. The other day I tried it on around her neck and she stated that it would choke her. I had to assure her that it was just pretend and wouldn't do so. I have no doubt though when it comes time for the item to be finished it will receive lots of play time and in the colder months it may actually get some of it's original intended use as a (gasp) scarf. *If you are interested in the scarf pattern you can contact Knitting Up A Storm at (843) 249-65762, and ask about the Snake Scarf pattern.


Anonymous katie said...

I'm curious to see how those snakes turn out. Do they have stuffing in them, or do they get their body just from the rolling edges? Either way, they look like they'll be fun for your kids!

8/24/2005 10:49 AM  
Blogger justcinful said...

The body comes just from the rolling edges. No stuffing needed!

8/24/2005 3:01 PM  

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