Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Knitting Up A Storm

While I was down in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for vacation I had forgotten to do something very vital. Bring a project to work on! Yikes! Silly me thought that there would be no idle time to do crafts and what-not. Thank goodness I had carried three books along, otherwise I would have gone crazy for sure. Lesson learned--Always bring something to work on along with you! In order to remedy my idle hands situation, I went online at the hotel. (At 20 cents per minute it was no cheap search!) I googled for a yarn shop and came across a listing for "Knitting Up A Storm" in North Myrtle Beach. I knew that I was going to have some free time on Thursday, so I called them up and found out that I picked the right day to visit because they were open until 8:30 that night! It worked out perfectly because the girls and I were going to be dropping off hubby and his best friend for a concert. So while the boys are away... The girls will yarn shop! The store was easy for me to find due to the excellent directions from the owner. It was neat and tidy and everything was arranged in good order. They had a pretty varied selection to look at. Tons of Jo Sharp and Sirdar. The owner was nice and quite helpful. She offered her assistance and advice on the projects that I was looking at. She even helped me search through the racks of knitting needles to find the perfect size. Definitely none of that "snobbish" attitude here! A nice store to visit. Perhaps even to become my LYS away from home. (Now to just convince hubby we simply must vacation in Myrtle Beach every year.) There were a lot of displays of items made from the yarns. I really fell in lust with a baby sweater crocheted from Schachenmayr yarns in rainbow hues. Being as there are no babies to crochet it for, I reluctantly left the materials behind. My girls fell in love with a display at the store. Both of them decided that they had to have the item. What's a mom to do? I mean, I just had to increase my stash then and there. Can't go breaking the wee one's hearts, now could I? And just look at how my purchases were packaged up. With tissue paper even! When a store goes that little extra mile you know that they must be a pleasant place to shop at. So what did I purchase? I picked up four skeins of Sirdar Donegal Tweed yarn. (Only one of each color are shown in the photo.) Two of # 173 - Lime and two of # 174 - Grass. I also purchased some knitting needles, Addi Turbos. I did go down to South Carolina empty handed, so to speak, so I needed those needles! (Note how I am trying to justify increasing the stash, lol.) I also picked up a free pattern from the owner for a project involving said yarn as well as some extra "pieces". No doubt you are wondering what in the world the yarn is for and why is there all this secrecy? Stay tuned to find out! Knitting Up A Storm Tidewater Business Center 2100 Old Highway 17 N. Myrtle Beach, SC 29582 (843) 249-6562 Hours: Mon - Fri 10-5, Thurs 10-8:30, Sat 10-3, Other Hours by Appointment Directions: From Myrtle Beach go North on Hwy 17. Take the Cherry Grove Beach exit. At the top of the exit make a left. At the bottom of the hill there is a stop light. On your left you will see a small blue building. Take a left at the light, and then another left into the parking lot. Knitting Up A Storm is one of the shops in the blue building. You can't miss it!


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