Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Need a Good Read?

I have a ton of books that I am going to offer up on ebay. But before I do so, I thought I would give you all a chance to get them before they enter the bidding zone. Hubby wants them gone instead of gathering dust. You can see all the books at: JustCinful's De-Stash-O-Rama. The books are sold in "lots", grouped together by genre. Shipping and handling is based on where it is going to be shipped to and the method that you prefer to get shipped by (all post office - just different speeds). If this goes well I hope to offer up some other books and crafting items that I have been uncovering in the great re-decorating de-cluttering process. I know I have some yarns and knitting needles, various scrapping stuff, etc. Just a whole jumble of goodies that need loving homes. If it doesn't go well, I am going to have to take a tip from the B movies and go straight to video... err... ebay. (wink)


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