Friday, August 05, 2005

On a Mission to View Mars

Why oh why am I always the last person to find out about a good TV show? This summer I happened to watch an episode of Veronica Mars by accident. Now I am hooked! Is anyone else out there in search of more Mars? Last night (or would that be this morning?) I stayed up until 4 am watching back to back episodes that I had recorded on my DVR. Did I use this extra awake time to knit or crochet while watching? Heck no. I got to into the plot lines. A show that makes you want to sit there and just absorb it is a dangerous thing. I am trying to see all the episodes that I can before the new season starts this fall. So I searched for an episode guide to see which shows I have missed out on and found out that there are over 20 episodes. Somehow I don't think that I am going to be able to catch up. Then I spied an advertisement for the full season on DVD, but it doesn't come out until October. But you bet your butt I put that little gem on my Christmas wish list. I may be a little late on the viewing, but I am determined to see all the episodes. This will make the first time ever that I have wanted to purchase a television series on video, so you know it must be good. Or at least "good" in my version of Merriam Webster's.


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