Monday, August 01, 2005

Crochetville SP Unmasked!

Today hubby went and picked up all the mail accumulated since we went away on vacation. Tons of junkmail, a couple of bills and oh yes, a lovely package. Once again I am spoiled. Check out all the goodies that were in the reveal package. There are some skeins of lovely green yarn (my favorite color). Two crochet pattern booklets to make kitchen items out of, yep you guessed it, cotton. Some free leaflets from Hobby Lobby. (We don't have HL up here in the North.) A package of sea shells. What to do... what to do... Some tootsie pops (You know that the kiddos will snatch them up as soon as they lay their eyes on them!). A trio of gift bags in lovely oriental prints. A grape magnetic memo pad, you can never have enough of those as it seems I am always making lists. And last, but certainly not least, since you have previously been exposed to my lust after this beverage, some tea bags! Lion Brand Kool Wool in color # 130 - Grass. I have looked at this yarn time and time again at the store and have always lusted after some. Is it the "Kool" is it the "Wool"? I don't know. Somehow the two words together bring thoughts of toasty goodness. Now I have not one, but two lovely skeins to fondle and eventually work up into some fiber masterpiece. I just have to find a pattern suited to it. I did go to the Lion Brand site to look at the patterns they would have for their yarn, and would you believe they only had ONE pattern featuring this yarn? It is for the same one shown on their wrapper, a two tone knitted pullover. You would think that they would have more patterns for it, but they don't. Plymouth baby Alpaca Brush in color # 1477 - Pear (other sites call it Herb). Alpaca, alpaca, how do I love thee. My hand runneth over thy silky locks... My eyes caress thy fibers so lush... Err... Maybe I'd better stop right there. As far as I know this is a rated PG blog, and we don't want to go there! I am wondering what to do with this oh so fluffy stuff. Any ideas for a pattern that uses 220 yards or less? Thank you so very much my not-so-secret Crochetville Secret Pal Cindy! Even if your identity wasn't a mystery, I still loved having you as a partner! All of the goodies are so very wonderful and will keep me in fiber ecstasy for a good while. Thank you for thinking of me and being so generous. Okay, confession time. I've known for quite some time who my Crochetville SP was. No, it wasn't due to any outstanding deduction or spy work. I am no Sherlock Holmes or 007. If you look at the picture to the left you will see how I arrived at my brilliant deduction.* Although Cindy may be chagrined when she sees this. I too had this oopsie happen when sending things to my SP! (Seems we are in the same boat Cindy!) Just a heads-up for future SP participants around the world, test out that "secret pal" email addy by sending an email to yourself first. Learn from my oopsies, and don't flash before you're ready for the full reveal. No harm, no foul. Hopefully Cindy will forgive me for posting this so publicly. I would post pics of my own oopsie, but I don't ahve screen shots of those. (Since they are on the computer of my SP!) *Last name has been erased to protect the generous giver of luscious green yarn.


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