Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Brown & Blue

What's brown and blue and has kept me away from blogging, knitting, crocheting, sewing, reading and anything else that's the least bit fun? My basement! Well, parts of the basement anyways. On Friday night I embarked on the beginning of paint prep. I spent my time with some spackle. I must say that I get into my work and came away quite messy from patching up all the holes and dents in the wall. On Saturday I continued the spackle quest. Once everything was patched up it was off to the store to purchase paints and assorted supplies. You see I had picked out a brown color before and test painted the one part of the basement wall with it. The color met with approval by hubby. He is the one who originally wanted white walls! So I picked out some strips of blues that went with the brown and had him pick out one that he liked. He was very reluctant to do so. But at my insistence he chose one. He would have been happy having the walls all brown. But it would make the basement seem as though you were in a giant box! The drop ceiling is wood, the furniture is mostly brown (or black), the bar stools are brown, the closet doors are brown, etc. I told him that we needed a contrasting non-white color to offset the effect of the brown, otherwise we would feel all closed in. Believe me he is none too happy even now that part of the basement is painted. Hopefully once all the furniture gets in, etc. He will see that we did need those strong contrasting colors. I would not have minded a darker blue, but hubby is stubborn about thinking you can't use a medium shade in a dimly lit space. So he picked a lighter blue shade. Other than that it is looking good together so far. I say so far because I still have to go and paint the last few spaces down stairs tonight after the kiddos are in bed. (With the youngest one up it is tough to paint.) Hubby moved all the heavy stuff and now I can get to the small spaces that I missed. Hopefully I can knock out the painting quickly. Then I can play with re-arranging the furniture down there. I have some ideas, but I need to try them out to see if they work. Hubby may be quite surprised after work tomorrow! And now for your viewing pleasure, some painting progress pictures. So far I have put in over 24 hours in prep and painting time over three days (Friday, Saturday & Monday). Hopefully I will only have to work on it tonight and be finished with everything. Notice how I said "I". I as in me, myself, the singular lonesome little gal. Hubby hates to paint. Need I say more? Just think of me, down in the dark basement, covered in blue paint, looking like a smurf and getting zonked on paint fumes while you're all snugged up in bed. I'll be envying you!


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