Monday, August 01, 2005

By the Sea, By the Sea, By the Beautiful Sea

A while ago I received a package all the way from Texas from a sweet lady named Fran. You see we were in the Crochetville "Sea of Yarn" swap and she had my name to send to. Boy did I luck out! Look at how she spoiled me rotten. I must say that I admire the way that Fran even made a plain cardboard box look pretty. She took such care and attention to make the whole package scream "SUMMER!". I loved how she packaged everything. My youngest ran off with the Lei the minute she spied it. It now resides proudly in her dress-up drawer. Not only does Fran take the time to pick out some great yarns, she goes above and beyond and made these fabulous goodies! Isn't the little sandal cute? I can totally see it adorning the bag that we lug to the pool with us. So very cheery. And check out those hand made stitch markers. Makes me want to knit and crochet up a storm just so I can place those things everywhere. My oldest DD wants to kidnap one for her new back pack for school. Hmmm... Should I entrust her with one of my little lovelies to care for? Check out the lovely summery colored yarns. There is some fun fur, pretty blue & purple Berella 4, some colorful threads, yummy cotton yarns (Dishcloths here I come!), some very bright Red Heart (youngest DD loves this one), some fluffy Bernat Frenzy and some Lion Brand Landscapes (Which I have been wanting to try.). Then there were the extra goodies. The flip flop key chain and the stitch markers (in the box) from the above picture, plus some cute tropical cookie cutters and stickers that my girls will adorn everything with, as well as a fun summer note pad. Oh Fran, you have the knack of spoiling a person rotten! Thank you so very much. I love it all!


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