Monday, July 18, 2005

Boys, Boys, Boys

My home has been invaded. By strange creatures who eat non-stop, belch and think that soap is a four letter word. That's right, my nephews have come a-vistin'. Actually I only have one at a time. I had the oldest (age 12) last week from Thursday to Sunday night. I currently have in residence the 8 year old from this past Sunday night until Thursday morning. Notice a trend? Both boys do not like to stay over together. They'd rather be apart as they tend to get on each other's nerves. Ah, the joy of sibling-hood! Thank goodness there are things to do with the children, otherwise I would go crazy. The boys seem to have so much extra energy that needs expending! One of the joys of staying over at our house (at least from their perspective) is going to the local YMCA. It's not that we're not exciting enough, but that rather the pool holds extra appeal. I can't say that I blame them! I know that at their age, I was the same way! Ummm... But with different body... uh... parts. I will breath a sigh of relief though when I drop off the 8 year old on Thursday. Not that I do not enjoy spending time with the kids. But it will be nice for things to settle back down to normal. At least for a teeny tiny bit.* *Why teeny tiny? Check the "ticker" at the bottom of the page! Oh yeah.


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