Wednesday, July 13, 2005


And what a big behind it is! Oh, I, uh, guess you are not interested in my anatomy. Umm... errr... yeah. I seem to be behind in everything lately, over and over and over again. This summer is literally kicking my butt.* The days are just flying by and it seems as though the more things there are to do, the less that gets done. By this time I had hoped to have all my swaps out. I wanted to have my back room cleared of clutter so that our brick wall (leftover from a wood stove we do not have anymore) could be demolished. Thought that my oldest daughter's bedroom would have the wall paper stripped, be repainted and rugs cleaned by now. I also thought that the basement would be decluttered and painted as well. Oh what a fool I was! Where does the time go? *Please do not mind all the posterior references. I seem to have my mind stuck on something. Lol.


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