Tuesday, June 07, 2005

So Very Berry Turtle-ly

Look it's the first manned space strawberry getting ready for take-off. Okay, so maybe the kiddo isn't getting ready to rocket off into space. But she and her older sister had some fun at a local strawberry festival this past weekend. They got to play some games, have some snacks and get their faces painted and hands stamped. They had the free activities for kids, lots of food to purchase (bake sale and off the grill stuff), and vendors. A lot of the vendors were crafters. There was a big variety of crafts, but nothing that really tickled my fancy until we headed on over to the "Resident Crafts" section. (The place putting on the festival was a home and rehabilitation center.) Isn't this a cute little guy? We picked him up in the "Resident Crafts" section. He now has a home in my garden, and looking mighty happy in his new leafy surroundings. Out of all the animals/reptiles on display we had to get this one. You see hubby has a special affinity for turtles and tortoises. He used to terrorize gift his mom with all the turtles, snakes, etc. that he found during his wanderings as a child. At one time their small back yard was home to over 30 of them. Can you imagine trying to make your way through the yard to the shed and having to play dodge the turtle? Or would it be a rousing game of leap-turtle? Now hubby does bring home the occasional turtle still. But he does not keep them long. Usually he finds them on his way home from work. So he lets the girls watch them for a while. Then the next day he takes the turtle back to where he found it and sets him/her free again.
Can you imagine the conversation that turtle has with their spouse once they get home? Sure Larry, a guy in a big boxy thing that blinded you with it's lights kidnapped you and held you hostage. Some kids kept you penned up and force fed you wilted lettuce and warm tap water. Then this "turtlenapper" just happens to bring you back right where he abducted you from. Right. You've been out with that Shelley again haven't you? I ought to crack you clean open and make soup out of you, you two timer! Note: The "Get Me Outta Here" picture is of one such turtle hubby has brought home in the past. I believe this picture is from 2002.


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