Monday, June 06, 2005

Gettin' Swimmy With It

I just thought that I would make all my online friends green with envy and brag about how we officially opened our pool for the season today. It feels so nice to take a cool refreshing dip after being out in the sweltering sun. Oh my ankles couldn't be happier! I can see you turning colors from here. Yeah, give me that lovely shade of green baby. Hey! You're supposed to be turning green not red! Why are you laughing? What you don't like our wading pool? You know, not everyone has a vintage* purple pool with monkeys on it. Now stop laughing and admit that you are jealous. You envy me my nice cool ankles dontcha? *I refer to this little lovely as vintage seeing as how it has made it through two seasons with us. Truly an admirable record considering all the abuse the poor thing has suffered. I am wondering if it will make it through year three seeing as how the girls are a rough and tumble lot. Save the monkeys!


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