Thursday, May 19, 2005

Happy Anniversary!

Today hubby and I have reached the eleven year mark. Where has the time gone? So how did we celebrate this momentous occasion? We went to Bob Evans, of course. Huh? Okay, I need to back track a little bit. Do you all recall last month when we went to go and visit the in-laws? Well, I got cheated out of my IHOP chicken fried steak and eggs breakfast. So the deal was to have breakfast out at Bob Evans today since they also serve this dish and there are no IHOPs close to where we live. Well, hubby came home from work this morning and ate breakfast while I was in the shower. I came down all dressed and ready to go out and he had already eaten! I tell you that boy has the worst memory. I reminded him about it, and he was astonished that he forgot. Then I told him that he would just have to suffer because we were going to eat dinner there instead. I was going to have my chicken fried steak and that was that. Mmm-hmmm! And let me tell you it was yum-my! You might be wondering what in the world is wrong with me that I didn't go and pick some ritzy place to go out and eat at. Well, the truth is I could have, but none of them make what I wanted to eat. Sometimes you just have to have some home cooking, even if it is out at a restaurant. My folks never made these Southern dishes. It was my best friend who corrupted me when she moved up north after her sophomore year of high school. She grew up in Texas and Tennessee. I keep wanting her to take me to visit her Dad and Stepmom in Texas to get real TexMex. Oh man. Am I drooling here? Do you want to know what I received for my anniversary. Well, besides the usual undying love and devotion stuff. Heehee. Hubby bought me snack replacements. He bought you more food? Not quite. You see a couple years ago for my birthday the kids and him bought me a pair of small diamond earrings. About a month ago he went to nibbling and one of them came off and is nowhere to be found. We now joke that he has expensive tastebuds. I guess he felt guilty about me going earring-less (my only other pair is a set of gold hoops my parents gave me when I was 17)* and bought me a replacement set. Now I have three earrings! Hmmm... Maybe I should get a third piercing? What did I get hubby? Well, he went ahead and bought himself his own anniversary gift. He splurged (big time) on a new CB radio for his truck since his old one was giving him problems. Since it is a necessary part of his job, it will be tax deductible. Gotta love that. It's also nice that I didn't have to try and rack my brain to figure out something to get him. Like a lot of guys I know he is difficult to buy for since all the "boys" in our family always seem to want very expensive things. Thank goodness the kisses and hugs are free! *I am not really big on jewelry, so I don't really have a collection of earrings, etc. I guess you would call me a minimalist in the adornment department.


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