Monday, May 16, 2005

Cat's Paw Lace Shawl

On Saturday I got to take my lace class for the Cat's Paw Lace Shawl. The yarn shop that I took the class at, Yarnings, is located in a little town called Skippack. It is a part of a whole long line of shops and restaurants. Now it's been a while since I have lived in the area that the shop is located in. Silly me, I thought that there wouldn't be any traffic on a Saturday. Double silly me... I didn't know that they were having a sidewalk vendor/craft event that day either. Which made traffic even worse! So, I ummm got to class 5 minutes late. Thank goodness that the only detention I had to serve out was yarn shopping after class, but it was voluntary. No arm twisting needed! Class started and we got to meet the other knitters. There were five of us taking the class plus the teacher. The people were all friendly and we all had a great time. The store provided free beverages. (Gotta love freebies!) I even got the yarn I bought the previous week wound while I was taking class. (The store was closing last week and there wasn't enough time. They had offered to keep the yarn and wind it for me to have me pick it up later*, or to wind it for me when I brought it back to me to class.) During class the teacher showed us some lace projects that she made. Everyone also loved her "Queen of Hearts" shawl by Fiber Trends. She uses it as an every day shawl since it is made out of worsted. I think I may just have to get that pattern. Then she also shared with us the book she had bought that has different lace patterns in it. It is called "Lavish Lace: Knitting with Hand-Painted Yarns". Another book to add to my wish list. So what did I accomplish? I got through the first two repeats during class. Although I did have to rip it all the way back at row 11 because I did something wonky. And there have been several times where I had to pick up dropped stitches. Through all the trials and tribulations I managed to get to row 54 by the end of the night (after coming home). And today I am up to row 67 today. I only had to stop because the written directions end after row 64 and I need to be able to keep row count, so I stopped to make a knitting chart. That way I'll be able to keep on row count, and not become lost in the pattern. The photo above shows a close up of one of the "paws". Isn't it cute? I showed it to my Mom yesterday and she thought it was quite lovely. I know that if I find Anne in that blue colorway it will have her name written all over it. *How could I leave my lovely fiber there all by it's lonesome with no one to pet and cuddle it?


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