Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Simple Pleasures

Today I rediscovered a simple pleasure. My youngest loves to blow bubbles. Usually I am just the bystander during this process. I open the container, hand her the wand and sit back and supervise. You know make sure she's not tempted to fling the contents of the cup all over creation. Or, heaven forbid, be tempted to drink the "nummy waner"*. She took a notion in her head that Mommy needed to participate in her festivities and would bring her wand up close to my lips and tell me to blow. She thought it funny when I accidentally used too much force and it would make the bubble mixture splatter. Hilarity set in when she came a little too close and accidentally smeared the bubble mixture on my lips. Now I didn't actually taste it, but my over emphatic "eeeew yuck!" had her in giggles galore. About that time I decided to take matters into my own hand and get out the big guns. It was time to break out the huge "unspillable" (trust me it can be spilled) bucket with the huge bubble wands from storage. We cleaned it up in the sink (how do things get dirty inside a box?) and then filled 'er up. Then we spent a messy fun filled time blowing bubbles and dripping the solution all over the back deck in our quest to fill our world with bubbles. We watched them as they floated up to the sky, shimmering in the late afternoon sun. I watched her chase them around the deck as she tried to capture them on the end of the wand, and smiled. Fleeting magic, lasting memories. *nummy = yummy and waner = water.


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