Wednesday, May 04, 2005

And Where Have You Been?

Oh wait. I guess I can't nag at myself for not posting, or can I? The truth is very dull and boring. I've been down and out with a cold. Mostly a fever, but now other things are kicking in. Like a throat that feels like it is closing up and a lot of sneezing. So make sure you have that computer sneeze guard up and put on a mask and some latex gloves when you visit my blog over the next few days. You may need them! Better safe than sorry, eh? Are you wiping down everything over there with disinfectant? Sheesh, you can't even wait until I leave the room to show the obsessive compulsive I hate germies side! Hey! Why are you pointing that can of Lysol at me? OUCH! That stings! I am really hoping that I am not contagious as I do not want the kiddos or hubby to get sick. I am sure that they are not jumping up and down with excitement over the thought either. Well, maybe my oldest daughter would if she wanted to get out of school. But I don't think that is going to happen as tomorrow is field trip day. You definitely don't try getting out of school on field trip day!


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