Saturday, April 30, 2005

Just Sitting Here Tinking

Okay, so I did that yesterday. But I did make this little cute button. He's the cousin-once-removed of the Gone Froggin' Frog. My I present The Little Tinker. (Yes, he is a little stinker!) Tinker? Tink? Tinking? What in the world am I talking about? Well, it's not Disney baby. Look Ma no bells! TINK is KNIT spelled backwards. So when one "tinks", one is simply un-knitting. And yes, it does stink to tink. If you want to go ahead and snag the "I tink, therefore I knit" froggy, go right ahead. Just remember to upload him to your own server. I think I shall have to make a "Stinkin' Tinkin'" or "It Stinks to Tink" button next as I see a lot of it in my future. Sigh.


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