Thursday, May 12, 2005

Lost and Not Found... Yet

Somehow in the great cosmic chaos that is my house I have lost my camera battery charger. This will not do. Both of my batteries are in serious need of charging.* So even though my camera works (despite the red spot from pixels going bad), it still needs a power source. Funny how that works. I was so happy that I had rechargables and wouldn't need to go out and buy batteries over and over again. Now I find it ironic how I would love to be able to pop down to the store and buy a pack of batteries and be ready to snap away. Where oh where has my little charger gone? Where oh where can it be? I have checked all the usual places and I am cringing over the fact that I am going to have to dig through piles of stuff (no exaggeration) just on the off chance it may have migrated into the current works in progress pile. Or the pile of papers on the desk. Or the pile of ads from the mail waiting to be sorted through. Do you think the charger got sick of being used? I mean it is one thing to charge batteries for pictures for posterity. Photos of a momentous occasion such as the rise and decline of a civilization, or the family trip to an amusement park. But yarn porn? The lowest of the low apparently. I'm surprised that I haven't stumbled across a "Dear Fiber-Obsessed Sicko" letter. Hmmm... Would we refer to that as a "Dear Yarn" letter? Do you think it was jealous of other camera battery chargers and went looking for someone who takes pictures of something besides yarn? Maybe the charger has a fetish of it's own and wants to be used for battery porn. Oh yeah baby! Show me your triple A's! After all it's what they get a charge out of. *It may seem strange to have two batteries for a camera. However I must point out that my older battery that came with said camera goes kaput after 15 pictures. Not exactly a good thing. I recently purchased a second battery so I could have one that lasted for longer periods of time. Unfortunately having a back-up battery does no good if there is nothing to charge them with.


Blogger Jingle_Lady said...

You're crazy. In a good way. :) I laughed out loud at the "Dear Yarn" and battery porn. LOL. :)

5/14/2005 4:35 AM  

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