Wednesday, April 27, 2005

You Spin Me Right Round

When I went to sleep Saturday night I had no idea what was in store for me. After sleeping soundly for an hour I woke up feeling horrible. I was dizzy and nauseous. Oh great. Ear imbalance strikes again.* I had to keep the light on. For some reason it was okay for me to watch the room spin around and round. If it was dark in the room it was worse. I layed down on the very end of my bed directly under the ceiling fan, which was on full blast, and had a cold wash cloth on my head. I lay there squeezing my eyes shut tight, just hoping that I would uh... Release the cargo through the emergency exit, just to feel better and get it all over with. Unfortunately that never happened. What little time I wasn't in agony I spent getting some sleep. Thus the reason that I did not wake up on Sunday until 1:30 in the afternoon. I stumbled down the steps and landed on the couch. My husband asked what was wrong, so I explained to him what happened. And that I did not know if I'd be feeling up to going to my parent's house for Sunday dinner. It was then that my oldest came into the room and asked when we were going to her cousin's birthday skating party. Oh crud! (Yes, I did want to say something stronger, but little ears repeat and all that.) I had forgotten that the party was that day. And not only that but it had began 30 minutes before. ACK! This was not good at all. I tried calling everyone's cell phone to let them know what happened, but no one answered. So I asked my oldest if she still wanted to go to it. She said yes, and the mad rush ensued. I swear I have never shoved a toddler into clothes faster than I did that day. I was grabbing things left and right. If there was an Olympic event in speed showering, let me tell you I would be a contender baaaaayyyybeee! I got the kids all ready and we literally ran out the door. Hubby, lucky dog, got to stay home and relax. Now my older brother and sister-in-law live over an hour away from me. The skating rink was beyond there home. Somehow I made it there within 45 minutes. That was without speeding. I think someone really wanted us to go skating. We piled on out of the car and went into the place. I located the skate room and set up the oldest with some skates to put on while my Mom corralled the youngest. Then I went off in search of the rest of the family. I had to explain several times over about why we were so late. (My family is no stranger to my bad balance days, though thankfully they do not happen that often.) I found out that there were about 8 other children who were to show up, but never did. Can you imagine? I was doubly glad then that we had trucked on over, despite our lateness. You are probably wondering how the skating went. Did I don the little wheelie shoes? Nope. The last time I did that was about 4 years ago before being pregnant with my youngest. That was for a birthday skating party as well. And let me just say that my "skating legs" from childhood were not recovered then and I had no doubt that they would fail me as well at this rink. My oldest had her own bout with the skate klutz. She put on her skates and then went to the bathroom, and fell in there. Yes, the genes do pass on quite nicely. No more skating for her. (And yes, she is fine, she was just a little sore from her fall.) The youngest however, was busy watching all of the other children skate and wanted to do it too. My SIL hooked her up with some skates that were 4 sizes too big. But hey, they worked. She did not want to be held on to. She did not want to skate on the little floor in the party room. She wanted to get out on the big floor with all the other kids. She clung to the skating rink wall and slowly worked her way down to an opening. Along the way she had a few spills, but she got right back up and continued her trek. She did get to go out on the floor and got to boogie on down for all about 2 minutes. Then she worked her way back to the party room and her shoes (due to it being rink closing time). She had fun, and honestly if she was given a week of such exposure, no doubt she would be skating circles around us all! *I have had ear problems since childhood. It all started with an ear infection from swimming. In first grade our school thought it would be a great thing for everyone to learn how to swim. They had a course where we would go to the local Y once a week for swimming lessons. Needless to say I got to participate in one lesson. The rest of the course I got to sit on the sidelines and watch everyone swim. And boy did I pay the price for that. Ear plugs, operations, motion sickness, ear imbalance and loss of hearing. Oh yeah. Lets take the kids to learn how to swim! Funny how something that started with good intentions ended up causing nothing but trouble. Story of my life. Oh, and in case you are wondering. I did learn how to swim, on my own about 5 years afterwards. But to this day I still hate swimming under water and fear the dreaded ear infection ever time I go to the pool. Most people are just afraid of the pee in the water at the pool. I just have to be different, don't I?


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