Friday, March 11, 2005

Practice, Practice, Practice

I have been trying to practice my knitting a little bit each day. It has been a little less the past few days as I have been busy with home stuff. How dare I neglect my yarn interests in the pursuit of a more organized and cleanlier home! Shame on me. Tsk, tsk! I have decided that my little practice piece is going to be a scarf. While it is not the most striking color or piece of knitting, it will do quite nicely. If I am going to make something, I might as well make something useful, right? Plus since it is 100% cotton, I can always dye it a flashier color later on, when the mood tickles my fancy. You will notice that the scarf is made of completely random knitting. It will be quite... Ummm... Unique, that's for sure! My first attempt at ribbing. I did a knit 1, purl 2,(knit 2, purl 2)across and a knit 1 in the last stitch. I thought it was awkward changing from knit to purl ever two stitches. Then I did a k1, p1 rib. Now that was awkward to learn. After you get into the rhythm of swishing the yarn from front to back you don't notice it as much. But it sure is slow going at first! I will have to tackle the "moss" or "seed" stitch next since it has the same amount of switching back and forth. The garter or stockinette stitch. My little Vs all in a row. Fly little geesies, fly! This is when I realized that I was holing the yarn in my right hand and throwing it to knit, but holding the yarn in my left hand when I purled. I guess I am not really a "thrower" or a "picker", but a combination of both. Does this mean that I am cross-group-ial? Would I then be called a cross group-er? Nothing like a ticked off fish, eh? This is what I do with the scarf when I am ready to put it back into my little black bag. (Knitting is sexy, so it deserves a little black bag, lol.) My youngest DD loves to put her hands around the rolled up knitting and squeeze it. I can't say I blame her because I do the exact same thing. It's just really nice and squishy, in a good way. Does anyone else roll up their knitting or am I just weird?


Blogger Sara said...

I roll my knitting all the time! Have you gotten to the point yet that you've decided having a purse isn't neccesary? I carry a project laden tote with me everywhere. I just tuck my driver's liscence and chek card in there and I'm ready to go!

Cross group-er=mad fish ROTFL. I'm a picker all the way, probably a crochet hold over.

3/12/2005 10:33 AM  
Blogger Mitzi said...

Nice! That's a great inspiration!

3/12/2005 6:33 PM  
Blogger noricum said...

I'm a roller too... or, I should say I was back when I knew how to knit, and will be again when I relearn. ;)

I've decided to use a Weasley jumper to learn... nothing like miles of stockinette for practice... and I *would* so like a Weasley!

3/13/2005 11:33 AM  
Anonymous sue m said...

No, you are just weird...LOL! I am glad to see another crocheter trying to tackle that darned knitting! I have been trying, too, and am tackling a scarf. I am trying all one stitch, and doing it in the round!

3/14/2005 9:24 AM  

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